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Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course creates fun for the entire day. There are two lanes to race against each other making it competitive or it can be used to run and play. You start by going through the tunnel then make your way through the obstacles in the middle and end by climbing up the steps and sliding down the huge bouncy slide.

Which age groups is this suitable for?

Our obstacle course is suitable for all ages, toddlers, children and adults however it is restricted to four adults racing at once.

How much space is needed?

The dimensions are 15m x 3m x 4.2m
We would need 16m x 4m to operate efficiently.

Can this be used in doors?

Yes, it can, if the space needed is available. The ceiling would need to be at least 4.5m high.

What power is needed?

The obstacle requires constant power with two plug points close by.

Three 6.5amp blowers are used for this.

Can it function in wind?

Yes, it is fully functional in moderately windy conditions.

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