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The Rocket

Our rocket takes four people at a time. You sit inside in a sling seat and as the doors close you slowly lift into the air 7m high. The doors are then opened, and you fall down onto the bouncy floor.

Which age groups is this suitable for?

Our rocket is suitable for all ages 4 and above however there is a weight restriction of 75kg per seat.

How much space is needed?

The dimensions are 7m x 7m x 8m
We would need 8m x 8m to operate efficiently.

Can this be used in doors?

Yes, it can, if the space needed is available. The ceiling would need to be at least 9m high.

What power is needed?

The rocket needs constant power with two plug points close by.
Three 6.5amp blower is used for this.

Can it function in wind?

Yes, it is fully functional in light to moderately windy conditions.

What power is needed?

The archery requires constant power with one plug point close by.

One 6.5amp blower is used for this.

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