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Sports fun

A multi-functional inflatable where you can test your skills at basketball, rugby and soccer. It consists of three separate alley ways with three different balls for each lane. This can be more difficult than one might think and very rarely someone gets all three right in one go.

Which age groups is this suitable for?

All age groups can play with this one. Small children can bounce on the basketball lane and slam dunk some hoops.

Bigger children and adults can test their skills at defending the goal and scoring goals.

How much space is needed?

The dimensions are 6.5m x 5.5m x 4m

We would need 7m x 8m to operate efficiently.

Can this be used in doors?

Yes, it can, if the space needed is available. The height is 4m so the ceiling would need to be at least 4.5m high..

What power is needed?

The sports fun requires constant power with one plug point close by.

Two 6.5amp blowers are used for this.

Can it function in wind?

Yes, it is fully functional in moderately windy conditions.

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