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Zorb balls & Water roller

Our inflatable Zorb balls can be used for a number of different things including racing, human bowling, obstacles and slides. They can also be used on water.
We have an inflatable slide of 15m high which you slide down in the zorb balls, however due to the Western Cape water restriction this is currently limited.
Our water roller is made for water but can also be used on land. This is great for teams as more people can fit in at once.

Which age groups is this suitable for?

Both are suitable for children and adults from 3 years old.

How much space is needed?

For the zorb balls we need 15m x 4m to operate efficiently and for the water roller we need 15m x 6m.

Can this be used in doors?

Yes, it can, if the space needed is available.

What power is needed?

Power is needed to inflate both pieces of equipment and to top up if necessary.

Can it function in wind?

Yes, it is fully functional in moderately windy conditions.

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